Atelier 365 is a furniture and interior design studio based in Brussels.
We design and produce solid wood furniture using traditional cabinet making techniques.
Our products are functional and made for domestic use.
Every project is traditionally handmade out of carefully selected wood in our Brussels studio

Since 2013, we organize with classes in cabinet making and fine carpentry.
The course is an introduction to artisanal woodworking, traditional skills, techniques and tools.

Current team:

  • Laura Greindl; Founder, Designer

  • Jason Reves; Design, Production

  • Athéna de Moustier; Communication, Logistic

  • Yves Woedstad; Cabinet Maker, Teacher

  • Patrice Stinglhamber; Cabinet Maker, Teacher

  • Alexis Lorich; Cabinet Maker, Teacher

  • Gauthier Oushoorn; Artist, Cabinet Maker, Teacher

  • Margaret de Cannart; Cabinet Maker, Teacher

  • Calum Ross; interns; design and production

  • Dave Burns; interns; design and production

Former :

  • Olivia Malingreau; Design and Production interns

  • Raphaëlle Bosmans; Design and Production

  • Pierre Van Campenhout; Design and Production interns

  • Constant Even; Design and Production interns

  • Leslie Midy; Design and Production inters

  • Maximilien Lhermitte; Design and Production interns

  • Océanne Médard Sandon; Design and Production inters

  • Ugo Bouhon; Design and Production inters

  • John Martin; Communication and Logistics

  • Alizée Timmermans; Secretariat

  • MaÏlys d’Ursel;

  • Anais Terwagne; Design and Production interns

  • Pierre Waterloo; Woodworker, Design and Production