Daybed. Solid oak frame assembled with traditional joints. 
Finished with fine sanding and natural matt lacquer.
Mattress in polyurethane foam covered with washable cotton fabric.

Dimensions:  200cm x 80cm; Height 33cm

Made in Belgium

Price: 1200€
4 to 6 weeks 


Stackable chair in solid beech wood

Stackable chairs in solid wood. Traditionally handmade in our Brussels workshop.
Using tenons and mortises joints only. Available in solid Beech , Teak and Walnut wood.
Finished with fine sanding and oil.

chaises empilables atelier365
chaise 2.png
chaise hêtre atelier365
détail chaise hêtre

Interior for Rue blanche shop

Interior design for Rue Blanche Shop in the Louise district of Brussels.

Respecting our signature woodworking approach, only using assemblies in the finishing of the furniture including in the integrated shelves in the wall.

Each of the three large wooden doors also functions as a mirror. They were designed specifically for the space and can turn 360% to transform the entire atmosphere of the shop.

Walnut bench

Bench made from massive walnut, assembled using traditional joinery techniques.
The bench is assembled without the use of nails or screws and using traditional joints.

Joint details represent year of manufacture 2014, finished with fine sanding and natural wax oil.

European walnut bench
Walnut bench detail

Interior: Dépendance gallery

Interior design and woodwork for Dépendance art gallery in Brussels.

The working space is hidden behind a play of doors. When open, they offer alternative focal points into the office and kitchen. However, when closed, there is little sign of their existence.

The fully equipped kitchen and storages are also hidden behind a wall of slicing doors so that when it is not in use, it does not have any interaction with the exhibition space. 

Both a passage and a working area, the discordant angles are made sharper by top lighting.
In collaboration with Fabien van Tomme Architect

dependance art

Plywood chair

Designed and produced for the National pop-up store 2014
Picture from Rue Blanche AW15 collection.

Finished with fine sanding and mat varnish

plywood chair rue blanche

Plywood chairs

Originally designed for restaurants and private dining rooms, these chairs are constructed from basic plywood and assembled using only dovetails .

Finished with fine sanding and satin varnish

Photo: Frederic Uyttenhove

Two-position bench

Made from massive wood, this bench was originally designed and handmade for restaurant  "Le canard sauvage " in Brussels.
Assembly with traditional cabinet making joints.
The benches can be placed in both a circular and an aligned position.

Finished with fine sanding and mat varnish

Photo : Augustin Delloye